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Based in the UK, US, Turkey and Mexico, we operate globally to implement RELEX solutions worldwide. Our growing team of experts come from a diverse mix of backgrounds, including retail, software, and consultancy. Our team is supported by leading AI science labs, technology vendors and academia to ensure the best services are always available to our clients and their projects.


At Remais, we are highly experienced in working with RELEX solutions and their AI, data science and optimisation aspects. Our team includes individuals who have worked within the F&R space for over 4 decades, and who have successfully delivered RELEX implementations around the globe. As a trusted partner, we work closely with RELEX leadership & delivery teams and even jointly developed RELEX's learning and certification programs available for its partners.


120+ brands

Retail brands served

30+ years

Supply chain experience

Since 2016

Experience working with RELEX solutions

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